Safety & Security

What is CheckMate?

CheckMate is our suite of employee and lone worker safety solutions. From to Elevated Body Temperature scanners for your facilities, CheckMate provides the tools you need to always ensure the safety of your employees.

Our allows employees to make their safety checks right on their phone. In case of an emergency, the Personal Emergency Transmitter in the app will immediately connect the lone worker to our Emergency Monitoring Centre. Through regular remote worker safety monitoring, safety checks and GPS tracking, you can improve lone worker safety in the field, and make sure that your working alone procedure reduces lone working risks for staff working from home.

CheckMate products and worker safety monitoring solutions instantly connect employees who work alone to , staffed by a team of dedicated professionals specifically trained to respond to any and every emergency.

Paired with a monitored ProTELEC business alarm security system and preventative security measures, CheckMate provides your company with total workforce protection.

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