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Aerial Platform Training

We can train your employees to safely operate aerial boomlift and scissor lifts. Trainees will receive in-depth instruction on mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). Each trainee's knowledge and demonstrated skills in all aspects of the program are evaluated and graded prior to certification. This program is a comprehensive, cost effective method of ensuring that your operators receive training and evaluation that meets or exceeds all applicable government regulations and referenced industry standards. Trainees that pass the course will recieve a certificate and a wallet card.

This program isn’t make or model specific and covers concepts common to all types of aerial lifts including JLG, Genie and Skyjack. Register today and find out how you can achieve the highest level of regulatory compliance in all of your in-house equipment safety training.

Forklift Training

We train your employees how to safely operate  counterbalanced and vertical mast forklifts. Trainees receive in-depth instruction on powered industrial forklift trucks. Each trainee's knowledge and demonstrated skills in all aspects of the program are evaluated and graded prior to certification. Successful attendees will receive a certificate of completion and wallet card.

Our forklift operator courses aren’t make or model specific, our training covers concepts common to all types of powered industrial trucks including Clark, Hyster, Raymond, Crown, John Deer, Toyota, Nissan and Yale. The content of this program meets or exceeds all applicable North American government regulations and the industry standards they reference.

Fall Protection Training

This full day end user program will allow you to understand the use of fall protection, as it relates to what you do at height. Various fall protection options exist, this course will identify which options may best meet your needs, and give you the tools and knowledge to work at height safely. The course will cover the selection, inspection and use of fall protection equipment.

Confined Space Entry & Standby Person Training

WorkSafeBC Occupational Health & Safety Regulations requires the employer must ensure that each confined space in the workplace is identified, and determine whether any such space will require entry by a worker, either in scheduled work activities or as a result of foreseeable system failures or other emergencies. The employer must also ensure that all confined space hazards are eliminated or minimized and that work is performed in a safe manner.The employer must also ensure that workers entering and working in confined spaces have received appropriate confined space entry training.
This one day course, engages and instructs participants, in properly identifying and assessing confined spaces, ensuring entry plans are in place and the plans are followed, and work performed within a confined is completed safely and efficiently. 

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